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Micro-Matics has extensive experience meeting the complex machining needs of the military. Our wide range of machining capabilities include working with the variety of materials needed by the defense industry. Our turned precision parts are characterized by their quick setup, high accuracy, repeatable uniformity, and fine surface finishes.

Frequently, manufacturing parts for military and defense applications requires additional processes such as heat treating, grinding, plating or passivation. Micro-Matics provides all these processes as well as others.

We work with our customers to provide quick turn prototypes as well as production quantities. We can also provide subassemblies or partially assembled units per your drawings.

ITAR Registered

ISO 9001:2008 Certified  Quality Management
ISO 13485:2003 Certified  Medical Devices
AS9100C Certified  Aerospace
ITAR Registered  International Traffic in Arms Regulations

New Orders
New orders initiate a comprehensive process plan that is designed to maximize productivity and minimize costs. This plan includes the selection of the most appropriate equipment and tooling, and establishes finishing and packaging methods. All aspects of the drawing are reviewed and your requirements are specified in a control plan. Any questions that arise are immediately discussed with our customers to ensure a thorough understanding of your needs.

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In the highly regulated aviation, space, and defense industries, compliance with quality management system (QMS) standards is a mandatory step that must be completed in order to be considered a qualified supplier. 
Micro-Matics is Certified to the Aerospace Standard - AS9100 Rev. C.