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As an engineer, you often design products that have the ability to improve and even save lives. Your designs must not fail, so you need the assurance that every component in your final product has been produced exactly to your standards with the highest quality controls in place.

At Micro-Matics we focus exclusively on Swiss machining because this deep expertise allows us to give our customers the high quality and tight tolerances they demand. We support our customers’ diverse Swiss needs by purchasing a variety of the highest performing brands of Swiss equipment, including Citizen, Tsugami, Star and Escomatic. These models vary from slide type to turret /slide machines, from 10mm to 32mm. This diversity in machines allows us to produce simple to complex components from prototype to production volumes.

While we take care to purchase and maintain the highest quality Swiss machinery, we know that a machine is only as capable as the machinists and engineers who use it. At Micro-Matics, our machinists and engineers average 20+ years of Swiss expertise, which means they can utilize machinery to its fullest potential, producing the most complex parts with the tightest tolerances. Our machinists also have the expertise and experience to offer advice on machinability and cost drivers, which can offset costs and even provide better performance

By combining best-in-class Swiss machining with experienced and knowledgeable engineers and machinists, Micro-Matics is able to deliver exceptionally tight tolerance parts of up to +/- .0001 inches and extremely complex parts with 65+ features. Plus, we’re able to produce these parts on difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium, stainless steel and superalloys.

Micro-Matics’ customers trust us to produce the highest quality in Swiss-machined parts. In fact, a recent survey showed that 90% of them would recommend us to a colleague. When failure is not an option, trust the experts in Swiss machining.


At Micro-Matics, we want to put our highly-experienced machinists and best-in-class Swiss machinery to work for you. Contact us today if you need a custom prototype, advice on machinability or a quote.