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As an engineer, you understand the importance of choosing a Swiss machining partner who will ensure you deliver a fail-proof solution. Because, as you know, your product is only as good as the parts inside it. Beyond coming in at a competitive price, a solid Swiss machining partner should meet the following five criteria:

  1. Veteran Machinists
    The difference between a novice and veteran machinist is night and day. Ask about the average tenure for machinists, as vendors with a veteran workforce can handle more difficult jobs and complete them faster and with higher quality than less experienced operators.
  2. High Quality and On-time Delivery
    While many companies don’t publicly post their Quality and On-time delivery rates, they should be measuring this data and be willing to share it with a potential customer. These kinds of metrics demonstrate that they understand and can commit to the tight tolerances and timelines required by many industries.
  3. Proper Certifications
    In highly-regulated manufacturing industries, the right certifications matter, which is why a potential Swiss machining partner must have the proper certifications relative to your industry — whether it’s ISO 13485 for medical device manufacturers or AS 9100 for aerospace manufacturers. In addition, potential vendors should be able to verify that their subcontractors also have the necessary certifications.
  4. Ability and Willingness to Collaborate
    Focus your interests on a company that is willing to support your purchasing or engineering team by pointing out potential cost drivers on your new projects as well as your legacy components.
  5. Solid Company History
    With recent growth in industries such as medical device, ancillary support companies are popping up with frequency to profit from this rising business. Unfortunately, these new arrivals give no assurance of longevity or a strong partnership.

When researching a potential Swiss machining partner, start with their website’s “About Us” page. Look for a company that has been in business at least 10 years because that length of tenure gives you a reasonable indication that they’ll be a partner for the long-term.

Need a Swiss machining partner?

For more than 30 years, Micro-Matics has specialized exclusively in Swiss precision machined parts because Swiss machining allows us to give our customers the tight-tolerance, high-quality parts they need, quickly and at a fair price. Learn more about how Micro-Matics can meet your Swiss machining needs.