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The latest in CNC technology and highly trained and experienced personnel come together at Micro-Matics to ensure our customers have a superior product delivered on-time. State-of-the art-equipment and a superb workforce all mean our customers receive the best machining and quality Swiss parts.

Verifying Conformance: The Ultimate Precision Machining Test 

Micro-Matics’ inspection equipment, expert machinists, and inspection personnel carefully and precisely verify conformance of your precision machine screw products. Whether we are using our state of the art OGP CMM, checking surface finishes with our Zeiss Surfcom or inspecting diameters with our Mahr bench mics, we have all the equipment required to verify conformance.

Stringent Industry Quality Standards

Micro-Matics meets and exceeds the medical and aerospace industry’s most stringent quality requirements, and is capable of manufacturing precision screw machine products ranging in diameter from .010” (0.25 mm) to 1.250” (32 mm) and maintaining tolerances to within plus or minus .0001” (.0025 mm). Our precision machining incorporates highly specialized industry demands such as ultra tight tolerances, mirror like finishes, microscope deburring, as well as machining of plastic, aluminum, red metals, carbon steels, stainless steels and more. All of our parts are thoroughly cleaned and inspected before shipping. Using precision inspection equipment, accuracy can be held to within .0001 of an inch.

No matter how challenging or specialized your machining needs...

Micro-Matics will meet or exceed your expectations.

Manufacturing Standards

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