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Quality: Two Standards Your Supplier Must Meet

While the word “quality” may sound subjective, when it comes to micro-parts, it’s actually quite objective. Start by looking for a supplier with the proper certifications. Companies that are serious about quality submit to rigorous quality reviews by...

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Micro-Matics asked. Engineers told us.

Micro-Matics commissioned a national survey of more than 100 manufacturing engineers because we wanted to know what’s important to you when it comes to choosing a manufacturing partner. The results were surprising.

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How to choose the right Swiss machining partner: A 5-point checklist

As an engineer, you understand the importance of choosing a Swiss machining partner who will ensure you deliver a fail-proof solution. Because, as you know, your product is only as good as the parts inside it. Beyond coming in at a competitive price, a solid Swiss machining partner should meet the following five criteria

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The Value of Swiss Machining

Today’s engineers are tasked with developing increasingly smaller devices – often with quick turnarounds – while maintaining the highest quality standards and keeping costs down. For these reasons, many engineers have found that partnering with a Swiss machine shop is the best way to get the tiny, high quality parts they need, quickly and at a fair price.

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