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No matter what you’re designing, time to market is critical; and at the prototype phase, speed is definitely your number one concern. You need to prove the functionality of your prototype and you need to prove it fast, so you need a precision Swiss machine shop that promises (and delivers) rapid turnaround times.

For more than 30 years, Micro-Matics has served the medical device, aerospace and commercial industries with custom Swiss precision components that meet tight deadlines and the highest quality standards. We understand your need to go to market with speed while maintaining quality, which is why we’ve built up the processes and expertise that allow us to respond quickly and accurately not only for rapid turn prototypes, but also for production runs.

The Key to Our Speed: The Quick Response Job Program
Micro-Matics’ Quick Response Job program delivers on three attributes engineers have told us they need: speed, quality and communication.

Speed: At Micro-Matics, we build dedicated time into our production cycle to focus exclusively on prototyping. That means that when a quick-turn prototype comes in, we often have the capacity to fit it into our production cycle.

Quality: According to Micro-Matics Manufacturing Engineer, Dan Simcoe:

“Anyone can make one part, but when it gets to production, it’s critical to have a stable, repeatable process.”

While speed may be your number one concern during prototyping, quality can’t be ignored. You need to ensure that your part is produced accurately and precisely and can be done so over and over again.

At Micro-Matics, we take great care to monitor the machining process from beginning to end so that we can provide documentation demonstrating that the procedure to make your part is stable and repeatable.

Communication: Our dedicated prototype development department works in partnership with our engineering team and with you at the very beginning of a prototype order to identify any issues with a part and to drive costs out of components before designs are locked into production.

Because we specialize in prototypes for extremely difficult, close tolerance parts, we know that upfront analysis and communication between our internal team and our customers saves time (and money) in the long run.

A Seamless Transition
We understand that it’s difficult to find a precision machine shop that can meet both your prototyping and production needs. At Micro-Matics, all prototype components are manufactured and engineered with production machineability in mind so that, upon completion of the prototype phase, a component can then be manufactured quickly and precisely.


At Micro-Matics, we’re serious about earning your business one prototype at a time. Contact us today if you need a custom prototype, advice on machinability or a quote.


Micro-Matics will be exhibiting at the Midwest’s largest medtech event – Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) Minneapolis, October 31 – November 1, 2018, at the Minneapolis Convention Center. If you’re planning to attend, be sure to visit us at booth #2109.